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A minimalist designer vanity desk you never knew you needed

Clean lines and ample storage

A natural wood desk with a circular mirror. Dims

Dims, the direct-to-consumer brand known for its “new-century modern” furniture, has a new release, and it’s a perfectly minimalist ode to the Shaker aesthetic. Dims tapped Brooklyn’s Ladies & Gentlemen Studio to design The Composed Vanity, a quietly intricate piece that can pull also double duty as a work desk.

The oh-so-satisfying pale wood design is built from simple shapes and utilitarian lines. A detachable circular mirror connects to the back leg of the vanity and delicately hovers above the piece. The work surface stretches just over three feet long and is split into various sections designed for maximum organization.

A hollow box for stashing bottles and products runs along the backside; three drawers at the front allows for stashing bits and bobs.

Composed comes in an all-natural wood version plus three other colorways: nude/blush, sage/powder, and ink/powder. It’s priced at $595, but you can preorder one during the presale for $475, with delivery slated for February 2020.

A desk with pale green drawers and a round mirror. Dims
An overhead view of a pale wood desk with a notebook and pencils on top. Dims
A desk with two gray drawers and a round mirror. Dims
A close-up view of drawers opened in a pale wood desk. Dims
A pale wood desk with blush drawers and a round mirror. Dims