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Multifunctional ‘transformer table’ takes care of all your hosting needs

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From 18 inches to 118 inches in a cinch

Long wooden table in a dark setting. Transformer Table

Buying a dining table can inspire a deep sense of decision fatigue and commitment phobia. What if your next apartment won’t have a real dining space? What if you’re suddenly on the hook for hosting Thanksgiving? What if you’re thinking about thinking about becoming a dinner party person?

These kind of what-if scenarios can make choosing a table size feel like an impossible task. Which is why something like the Transformer Table actually makes a lot of sense.

GIF of people expanding table Transformer Table

The Canada-made product is exactly what it sounds like: an expanded table that extends and contracts depending on what you need at any given moment. Yes, expandable tables are not a new concept, but the Transformer think it does the typical leafed table better with a ball bearing telescoping mechanism that allows the table to extend from 18 inches to 10 feet with a tug.

The latest line of Transformer furniture comes in five types of hard wood and two configurations—a classic table and a countertop version that sits higher. There’s also a coffee table that doubles as a storage container for unused panels, a bench that stretches to 11 feet long, and matching chairs.

The table starts at $1,599; making it countertop height adds an extra $100. You can pre-order the tables through Kickstarter where the company has already raised more than a $1 million.