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Sleek modern house is made for leaf peeping

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One for glass wall lovers

Living room with neutral colors and large windows showing trees going through foliage. Lenzer

If homes have spirit seasons, this modern residence in Antwerp, Belgium, would easily be fall. Designed by DDM Architectuur, the House BRAS sits on a verdant plot of land, surrounded by trees whose leaves create a technicolor backdrop come autumn.

At once monolithic and graceful, the stone and glass house sprawls into a zig-zag across the site, creating plenty of opportunities for sight lines to the surrounding property, including a glass-smooth pond. Encased by floor-to-ceiling windows throughout, the home provides a picture frame effect no matter where you are.

Open plan kitchen with two islands and a black cabinet in the back. Lenzer
Pool surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows. Lenzer
A high-ceilinged room contains a wall of windows, a gray sofa set, and a grand piano. Lenzer

The ground floor is split among a pool and sauna hall, a main living area with a sprawling open kitchen, and a bedroom wing with culminating in an epic double height music room. This wing has a second floor, where a master suite comes with roof terrace, courtyard, and library overlooking the atmospheric music room.

The dramatic entrance, a ramped passageway that appears to cut through the pond, also provides access to a subterranean level containing mechanical rooms and a garage. Not too shabby.

A night scene featuring a ramp leading down to a subterranean level of a house, which is lit up from within. Lenzer