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Brooklinen just launched a lifestyle shop

From the online bedding brand comes a new online “retail experience” that lets you shop pre-styled rooms

Bedroom with a bed on a beige rug, a teal armchair, and black and white art piece on the wall.
“Modern Glam.”

When Brooklinen launched in 2014, it sold a handful of basic bedding products that included sheets, duvets, and pillow shams. Five years later, it’s aiming to become a full-on lifestyle shop where people can scoop up entire bedrooms perfectly styled as seen on the company’s website.

The new “online shopping experience” is called Spaces, and Brooklinen hopes it will give customers a way to “recreate the Brooklinen aesthetic within their homes.” The curated shop is filled with goods from like-minded stores and makers, such as furniture brand Dims., plant store The Sill, Boundless Rugs, Bombabird Ceramics, Recreation Center Ceramics, clock and water retailer Newgate, and book publisher Taschen—with whom Brooklinen will split the revenue.

Bedroom with white rug, and bed with gray bedding.
“Relaxed Industrial.”

Brooklinen has tidily packaged lamps, blankets, chairs, tables, art, and more into pre-batched bedroom looks with names like “Earthy Minimalist,” “Modern Glam,” and “Relaxed Industrial.” All of them stem more or less from the same millennial-approved aesthetic with minor differentiations: pale wood Floyd bed, simple, solid-colored duvet, artsy pendant lamp, and a statement chair and throw to really nail the look.

Bedroom with white duvet and blue patterned rug.
Earthy Minimalist

It’s hard to deny the utility of having a painless, one-stop shop for bringing a room together (imagine the time saved on opening new website tabs alone). Then again, shopping at a place like Spaces comes with the same tradeoff that shopping at any hyper-curated shoppable lookbook presents: You and a hundred other people will be tucking yourselves into the same “Earthy Minimalist” room.

Furniture including armchairs and side tables scattered on timber floor. Brooklinen