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Surprise, surprise: Floyd is now making a mattress

The direct-to-consumer furniture brand comes full circle

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Mattress on wooden bed frame, with two orange pillows. Michelle Gerard

It was bound to happen. Floyd, the Detroit-based purveyor of flatpack platform beds, tables, shelves, and sofas, is now making a mattress.

In the direct-to-consumer ecosystem, Floyd has closed the loop, so to speak, with a bed in a box delivered to your doorstep and ready to sit atop its popular birchwood bed frame.

The mattress is made from an engineered sandwich of materials: 1,000 pocketed coils sit next to a layer of foam that’s infused with copper and graphite to keep you cool at night. The 10-inch mattress is wrapped in a breathable Tencel top cover that has a no-slip bottom so the mattress stays put on the frame.

Mattress on timber bed frame. Floyd

The Floyd mattress’s origin story went something like this: Customers asked for the best mattress to go with the bed frame and the company wasn’t sure there was one. So it made one.

After all, in the direct-to-consumer world, even remotely adjacent products are opportunities (see Brooklinen’s new lifestyle shop and Burrow’s recent product expansions). You’re not just buying a mattress, you’re outfitting a bedroom. You’re not just outfitting a bedroom, you’re building a cohesive lifestyle.

In Floyd’s case, it’s bringing its customers one step closer to only needing one click of the checkout button when furnishing their homes.

The Floyd mattress starts at $795 for a twin and goes up to $1,195 for a king.