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Oliver Space is the latest furniture rental startup for outfitting your apartment in a flash

Rent furniture for entire rooms with the click of a button

Living room with gray sofa, wooden coffee table, and plants. Oliver Space

Oliver Space is a new subscription service that lets time-strapped folks rent curated furniture to outfit entire rooms on demand. Sound familiar? That’s because the concept is familiar (see Feather, The Everset, Fernish, and even Ikea).

Founded by Chan Park, a former Uber executive whose career has moved him around the globe, Oliver Space is meant to be a step up from other furniture rental services by offering “hyper-personalized, concierge-like experience in the design process,” according to the trade website Furniture Today.

The service curates furniture from the likes of West Elm and Rove Concepts, but also lists a large number of originally branded items that look more or less like the always-trending midcentury designs you could snag at many a furniture store.

Living room with black and white patterned rug, beige sofa, and wood and metal coffee table. Oliver Space

With Oliver Space, you can rent furniture for entire rooms with the click of a button, choosing among curated styles like jewel-toned “Cocktails and Charcuterie” for $129 a month or more neutral-focused “Urban Garden” for $88 a month. You can snag a “Breakfast Nook” style dining room for $33 a month or a bigger “Potluck With Friends” outfit for $66 a month. In the bedroom, there’s “Weekend Snooze” for $112 a month and “Peaceful Retreat” for $127 a month, among others. There’s also the option to rent individual pieces of furniture.

The point is, you could spend upwards of $350 every month on renting furniture that in all likelihood you’ll never own (though your rental fees can go toward ownership). Depending on your lifestyle, it’s either a really good or really bad deal.

We can imagine renting an expandable dining table over the holidays for $33 a month beats paying $700 to keep it forever if you don’t need a large dining table. We can also imagine that this will come in handy for frequent movers like Park, who have neither the time nor inclination to plan a temporary home from scratch but crave the creative-adjacent feeling of picking and choosing products from a curated list.

At the very least, something’s in the air around furniture subscriptions services. Is it a VC-fueled trend that caters to a new generation of consumers yearning for faster and more optimized options at the expense of a personal touch? Or is this truly the future of home? Only time will tell. For now, Oliver Space is only operating in San Francisco, but having just raised $6.8 million, it will certainly expand to other cities soon.