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The Sill launches impressive line of fake plants

Complete with stylish minimalist planters

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Fake plants sitting on shelf. The Sill

Not everyone has a green thumb. Fortunately, today there’s an entire marketplace for gardening help, from a “personal plant assistant” app to smart planters and pre-picked plant bundles. As handy as those things are, there’s only one fail-proof way to make sure your indoor greenery stays happy, healthy, and green: Get plants that aren’t alive in the first place.

We know, we know. Faux plants feel somehow antithetical to the point of having plants in the first place, but hear us out. The waxy green ferns of yesteryear are no more. Now you can get impressive fake plants that look just like the real thing.

Case in point: The Sill, a one-stop shop for online plant buying, has launched a line of faux plants for the black thumbed among us. The array of 14 plants in various sizes includes smaller, trendy plants like a Pilea Peperomioides for $82 and full-on trees like the notoriously finicky Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree for $345 (which are currently only available for select parts of the New York City metro area). All of the plants come “potted” in one of the Sill’s signature minimalist ceramics but won’t require a drop of water.

Check out the full range here.

A bright kitchen with white cabinets and kitchen island. Artificial plants in pots are placed on various surfaces. The Sill