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Shabby-chic camper van is a beachy tiny home on wheels

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A blue camper van with white trim, large windows, an awning, and a white roof rack. The camper sits on a sandy beach. Simon Billing Photography

Camper vans come in all shapes and sizes, many with striped-down aesthetics or adventure-oriented perks. But beyond the industrial feel of some campers, other upfitters are churning out vans that are cozy homes-on-the-go. Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

Taking tips from the tiny home industry, these campers incorporate innovative sleeping areas, large functioning kitchens, and homey aesthetics that skew more farmhouse than loft. The van converter This Moving House, for example, has mastered the look—with creative nook beds for kids, a pull-out guest bed, and cute kitchens.

The latest tiny home-like van conversion company to catch our eye is Supertramped Co. out of Somerset, United Kingdom. Supertramped Co’s latest build started with a Mercedes-Benz T2, a boxy, burly van that was manufactured by Daimler-Benz from 1967 to 1996. Often used as ambulances, delivery vehicles, and work trucks, the T2s have established a cult status in Europe for their durable construction and maneuverability.

Called Ernie, this bright blue and white van has been gutted and transformed. Supertramped Co.’s clients wanted a surf-inspired mobile beach hut with shabby chic decor. The main living area features a bench seat with table that sits across from the spacious kitchen. The whitewashed cabinetry delivers on country style, and seashell and starfish trinkets point to the beach theme. A blue and white backsplash tile accents the farmhouse sink nicely, and the kitchen also includes a fridge/freezer combo, stove top, and oven.

The sleeping quarters are built in the rear to take advantage of open-door views out of the back. A bed platform provides storage underneath, and vintage-style lights add charm. But where Ernie really shines is the shower stall. Unlike many cramped RV showers, this version is airy and bright thanks to a giant skylight, white subway tile-inspired wallboards (not tiles), and exposed piping. A separate area includes a marine toilet.

Behind the homey decor, Ernie also features an impressive amount of tech, including Alexa-controlled lighting, six ceiling mounted speakers and a sound system, WiFi, 400-watt solar panels, and exterior lights. The entire build took about 10 months—while Supertramped Co. also worked on other projects—and Ernie is now traveling the roads with the van’s new owners.

Supertramped Co. is currently working on other conversions but is taking bookings beginning next summer. Conversions start at 20,000 pounds ($24,600) and include materials, labor, and fees. For more info, head over here.

A side view of a blue camper with white trim. The camper sits on sand with cliffs in the background.
Ernie is a Mercedes-Benz T2, a boxy, burly van that was manufactured by Daimler-Benz from 1967 to 1996.
The interior of the camper features farmhouse decor with a bench, table with blue and white flowers on it, a galley kitchen with a pull-out countertop, and a sign that says, “A little sand between the toes always takes away the woes.”
The beach-inspired decor of Ernie looks different than any other camper van we’ve seen.
A close-up of the camper’s white farmhouse sink, with wood countertops and silver faucets. There’s also a blue-and-white backsplash and a large window above the sink.
The farmhouse-style sink features a blue and white backsplash.
A close up of the camper’s stove top, oven, and whitewashed cabinets. A large window and fake flowers sit above the stove top.
The camper includes an oven and stovetop.
The toilet area of the camper features a white toilet set into a wooden seat, white a blue door to the left and fish net for decor.
The marine toilet sits across from the separate shower area.
A shower area has white subway tile, a blue and white shower curtain, copper pipes, a skylight, and fake greenery.
The large skylight makes for a bright and airy shower.
A photo of wooden drawers that pull out for storage underneath the bed. There’s also a window to the left and the camper’s blue doors in the rear.
Underneath the bed are three drawers for storage.
A blue and white camper has its rear doors open. A bed sits on a storage platform, a surf board rests next to the bed, and the camper sits on a sandy, bright beach.
A rear view of the camper’s bed area.