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Modern ‘hut’ mashes up Ukrainian and Japanese styles

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The Shkrub House is a delightfully maximalist exploration of textures

A hut-like house with a thatched roof with brick walls and large glass windows. Serhii Kadulin

A little bit Japanese, a little bit Ukrainian, this house outside of Kyiv, Ukraine, is a funky mix of cultural homages. Ukrainian architect Sergey Makhno designed the Shkrub House for his family with his heritage—and love for Japan—in mind.

After spending time in Japan, Makhno returned home to Ukraine with a new appreciation for his homeland. “Thanks to Japan, I learned to love Ukraine. When I went to Japan for the first time and saw how they appreciate their heritage, I understood that Ukrainian culture is extremely rich but we rarely rate it highly,” he said.

A double-height living room with an rounded fireplace leading up to the ceiling and a full wall of ceramics. Serhii Kadulin

Makhno wanted the house to harken back to huts of his great grandparent—albeit with a contemporary touch. The result is a timber-clad house topped by a thatched roof. Inside, the walls are made from off-white plaster, which gives the home a rustic, textured look. Makhno incorporated principles of wabi-sabi, the Japanese appreciation of imperfection, throughout the home. A clay fireplace with an organic form anchors the double-height living room, while timber shelves made from reclaimed wood hold a sundry collection of ceramic pots.

Dining table next to ceramics mounted on shelf. Serhii Kadulin

Elsewhere on the ground floor, things get a little more modern with an expansive kitchen featuring open shelving and new, dark-hued cabinetry. Upstairs the children's bedrooms have playful wallpaper and cozy cut-outs, while other bedrooms features tatami beds and sculptural pendant lights.

Master bedroom with dark walls and tatami bed. Serhii Kadulin
Room with textured wall and tatami bed. Serhii Kadulin
A children’s bedroom with small red and orange beds and blue and white wallpaper with animals printed. Serhii Kadulin
A bathroom with marbled walls and floors and a round bathtub. Serhii Kadulin
Outdoor table surrounded by wooden chairs. Serhii Kadulin