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Lakefront 1980s time capsule asks $8.75M

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Located two hours from Los Angeles, this Lake Arrowhead home retains all of its bombastic charm

The entryway of a 1980s home features a flat overhanging roof, stone wall on the left, and mirrored doors. Courtesy of Fox Mountain Homes

This sprawling home in the luxury resort town of Lake Arrowhead, California, is not one for subtleties. Built in 1982, the home retains plenty of the bombastic charm of the era. Chrome, brass, lucite, jewel toned walls, and carpet—if it was popular in the ’80s, it’s in here.

But what the home lacks in modernity, it makes up for with sheer space. The six bedroom, eight-bathroom home has 11,750 square feet, and its price reflects that—it’s currently asking $8.75 million.

Now before you balk, realize that that the house is full of architectural gems. Sure, there are mirrored fireplaces and a chrome and lucite serial staircase, but there’s also soaring ceilings and walls of geometric windows that cast dramatic light into the cavernous space.

The house is built around intriguing angles—slanted doorways, pitched ceilings, rounded bedrooms. But it also has a softness to it with rose and wine colored carpet, and more sitting areas than you’ll have butts for. Outside in back, there’s a multi-level patio that’s surrounded by trees and looks out onto the lake. And that, at least, is timeless.

An angular living room with mirrored fireplace and floor-to-ceiling windows. There is a large couch and views of the lake outside.
A living room with a chrome and lucite spiral staircase on the left and a round table with velvet green chairs in the foreground.
A bedroom with rose colored carpet, rounded walls with large windows, and a white bed platform with two giant white and gold rounded columns.
A bedroom with mirrored walls, dark mauve carpet, light rose curtains, and a patio outside.
An ornate dining room with wine colored carpet, gold wallpaper, and a circular dining set with upholstered gold and wine chairs.
An angular kitchen with large island, white counter tops, black counters, and wooden floors.