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Minimalist summer retreat houses a multigenerational family

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A bustling vacation home calmed by simple design

A geometric white house sits on a rolling green lawn with tall trees in the background and a blue sky. BoysPlayNice

The word idyllic means something different to everyone, but it’s hard to argue with a clean, white house on a rolling green stretch of land. The Summer House in the Czech Republic countryside fits the bill with a handful of interconnected structures that form a simple, yet geometric retreat for an intergenerational family.

A white and beige living room with built-in storage shelving, gray furniture, and a white coffee table. BoysPlayNice

Chez architecture studio DDAANN built the structure as a family home shared amongst three generations. The house is designed as a series of gable roofed forms that allow each generation its own small slice of privacy. The grandparents have a section with a living area, bedroom, and bathroom. The parents have a large bedroom, bathroom, and a study that can double as a guest room. And the children occupy the second floor with a large bedroom that overlooks the land.

The home’s shared areas are serenely minimalist with pale timber flanking the floor and ceiling, while neutral colored furniture is sparsely sprinkled throughout. Outside, a timber deck looks onto fruit trees, vegetables, and herbs growing in the garden.

A narrow bedroom outfitted in neutral colors with a gray bed, light timber headboard, and a deeply set window with views outside. BoysPlayNice
A children’s bedroom with back-to-back twin beds with gray bedding. BoysPlayNice
A modern, minimalist kitchen with pale wood cabinetry, white walls, a dining room set for four, and large windows. BoysPlayNice