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A modern, multi-level treehouse in the middle of a Mexican forest

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WEYES studio designed “the house in the forest” as a series of interconnected volumes

Modern couch and arm chairs in a treehouse-style living room with large windows. WEYES Studio

A set of wide concrete stairs leads up to Casa en el Bosque (translated to “house in the forest”). True to its name, the modern house is nestled into a forest in El Barrel, Mexico, where its layout has been arranged around 17 trees that originally inhabited the land.

Instead of a building a monolithic structure, Mexican studio WEYES split the home into four separate volumes that move up the sloped plot of land and are connected by a series of external stairs, corridors, and walkways. Each volume appears to float on a concrete slab and is set amongst the trees like its own discrete treehouse.

A woman walking into a brick house that has a wide entrance and trees surrounding it. WEYES Studio

The four sections of the house—the “social pavilion,” “private resting pavilion,” “pavilion for visitors,” and a garage and storage area—together form blocks of glass, brick, and concrete. WEYES aimed to design the spaces to minimize energy consumption. Skylights and windows provide lots of natural light; the trees provide enough shade on hot days, and the double brick walls retain the heat during the winter.

The interior of the house is a direct reflection of what’s happening outside—brick walls sit next to timber built-in storage, while concrete floors abut a span of floor-to-ceiling windows that seem to bring the outside indoors.

Brick volumes sitting on top of concrete platforms that resemble a brick, midcentury modern tree house. The house is surrounded by forest. WEYES Studio
Modern house lit up at night. The buildings are treehouse style, with big glass windows and a metal staircase in between. WEYES Studio
A bedroom encased in glass windows that looks like a treehouse. Trees surround it. WEYES Studio