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Your Ikea furniture is about to get a whole lot prettier with easy add-ons

Pretty Pegs has Bauhaus-inspired add-ons for Ikea cabinets, couches, and more

A living room has a rose colored couch, coffee tables, and large windows in a loft-like space. Pretty Pegs

Ikea hacks can be an exercise in DIY creativity—repainting, rebuilding, and Frankenstein-ing all sorts of parts to make the furniture of your dreams. Or Ikea hacks can be blissfully simple.

In recent years, companies have sprung up to make Ikea hacking not just easier, but more design-y than ever. One of them, the Swedish company Pretty Pegs, has been in the Ikea hacking game for a while now, and it’s back with a new line of chic add-ons that will upgrade your Bestå storage unit with minimal effort.

A white Ikea storage cabinet has a swooping geometric front and gold legs.
New fronts and pulls on the Bestå storage unit make it look fresh and stylish.
Pretty Pegs

The new products include three new “fronts” that adhere to the front of the storage unit, effectively putting a new face on an old piece of furniture. The fronts come in three geometric, swooping patterns inspired by the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus. Similarly, the new line includes sleek Bauhaus-inspired legs that attach to the Bestå, including an arched leg, a subtle thin leg, and a wheeled base.

If an earthier look is more your style, Pretty Pegs’ wooden pulls and legs come in three new colors: a terracotta orange, a soft sage, and a lilac gray.

A collection of colorful cabinet legs on a table in terracotta, sage, and gray. Pretty Pegs
Gold legs and pegs sitting on a white table. Pretty Pegs