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Dutch farmhouse designed to resemble a small village

Mecanoo designed Villa Vaught with traditional Dutch farmsteads in mind

Exterior of black clad house with square windows set into a grassy mound. Mecanoo

Villa Vaught dots the Dutch countryside like a miniature village. Designed by Mecanoo, the Dutch architecture studio behind floating glass houses and the NYPL renovation, the home is comprised of three volumes that together create a space that’s a little bit traditional and a lot bit contemporary.

Mecanoo created the home in the style of a “hoeve,” an assembly of Dutch farmhouses and living quarters that cluster around a central courtyard. Except in the case of Villa Vaught the three separate buildings on the property are part of a single home. The house centers around a tall, angular structure that houses the bedrooms and a rooftop terrace. Next to it are two smaller structures that look like modern barns.

Two black clad structures next to each other. The one of the left has white columns, both look a bit like barns set in the grass. Mecanoo

One of the barns is attached to the main house via a walkway that’s obscured by a grassy mound. Inside, there’s a kitchen, dining room, living room, workspace, and playroom. The other fully detached structure is a cooking studio where visitors can take classes and workshops.

The distributed layout is connected by materials. All of the structures are clad in anodized aluminum that takes on the corrugated appearance of the area’s nearby iron roofs. Inside, cross-laminated timber fills the rooms, creating a gorgeous contrast between a dark and moody exterior and a light and airy inside.

A living room with a gabled, wooden ceiling. A kitchen and L-shaped island is on the main floor, and a square window can be seen upstairs. Mecanoo
Timber stairs leading to a second level, while down a hallway you can see teal built-in cabinetry with white trim. Mecanoo
People cooking in a cooking studio under a gabled roof, with a dining room on the left and a kitchen on the right. Mecanoo
Bedroom with square windows, gray carpet, and the peek of a yellow bed around the corner. Mecanoo