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Richard Sapper’s famed table clock gets a new life

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Rebooting a classic

One red clock and one gold clock. Lorenz

Go ahead and try to tip it over. You’ll want to, but you won’t succeed.

When Richard Sapper designed the Static table clock in the 1960s, he did so with a clever, invisible trick. The famed designer added a counterweight to the bottom of the cylindrical timekeeper, ensuring that no matter how it’s tipped, toppled, and shoved, the clock always returns to its original position.

Two clocks, one silver and one black. Lorenz

Sapper’s design has fascinated design lovers for years, and now Italian time keeping company Lorenz (the same company behind its 1960 production) is bringing it back.

The new Static looks pretty much like the old Static, which is to say timelessly cool. Back in the 1960s, Sapper used leftover parts from wartime torpedo timers; today, Lorenz is handling the timekeeping. The new version still has the bullet-like body with a protruding watch face that tells the time with sleek serifed numbers.

Lorenz’s version comes in a handful of colors and finishes including a glossy cherry red, shiny white, brushed silver, and brushed gold. You can check out all of the versions here.