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Glass house design is all about indoor-outdoor forest living

We’ll file this one under “homes we wish were real”

Rendering of house with glassy facade. Alex Nerovnya

Russian architect Alex Nerovnya is known for his glossy renderings of gorgeous, if constructionally impractical, homes. On Instagram, he posts conceptual project after conceptual project to his 173,000 followers, all of them just slightly too glassy and too sleek to be real.

His latest project, the York House, is no different. Situated in a moody wooded landscape, the home looks like it could have been stamped out of a cookie cutter. Its asymmetrical gabled form appears split in half—the two sections of the home with slanted roofs sit on different levels, separated by a rectangular volume clad in smoked glass.

“Multi-leveled terraces allow the visitors to spend quality time outdoors, while massive sliding glass doors blend the interior with the exterior of the building,” he says.

Rendering of side of sleek house. Alex Nerovnya

Nerovnya’s four-bedroom design calls for a steel frame that’s clad in cross laminated timber and long spans of uninterrupted glass that hew to the outline of the house. Like most of his realistic renderings, the York House is just striking enough to make you look twice and wish it were real.