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Tiny Jane Jacobs creator introduces a tiny I.M. Pei doll

The latest from preservationist Sarah Marsom

Jane Jacobs and I.M. Pei dolls All photos courtesy Sarah Marsom

What is the mark of a truly illustrious architecture career? A Pritzker Prize? An art museum or two? Perhaps. But you really know you’ve made it when you’ve got a tiny stuffed doll in your likeness.

Sewing pattern in shape of I.M. Pei. All photos courtesy Sarah Marsom

From the creator of Tiny Jane Jacobs, comes Tiny I.M. Pei, a little doll that’s exactly what it sounds like. Created by preservationist Sarah Marsom and illustrated by San Francisco artist Shannon May, the stuffed doll looks like a spitting image of the legendary architect, who passed away at age 102 in May.

There’s the round glasses and the slim suit, the slicked back hair and the sly smile. The printed cotton is stuffed with polyester down and sewn up. All told, Tiny I.M. Pei stands at right around 9 inches tall.

It’s not entirely clear what a person does with a tiny replica of an architect, but if all the #tinyjanejacobs Instagram photos are any indication, Tiny I.M. Pei has plentiful adventures in store.

Every purchase aids a cause—15 percent of every order goes toward a scholarship to attend an emerging preservation professionals conference. You can pick up Pei and Jacobs for $35 each or sew-your-own versions for $20.

A small doll showing a bespectacled man in front of a brick and glass building.
Tiny I.M. Pei visits Pei-designed townhouses in Society Hill, Phildelphia.
The small doll in front of a skyscraper with waffled facade.
Tiny I.M. Pei in front of Pei’s Society Hill Towers.