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What are you obsessed with in your home?

We want to hear about it: Submit to Curbed’s Show & Tell column

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A shelf with a lamp and plant on it next to a shelf crowded with personal items including books, a digital clock, a porcelain hand and a model boat. There’s a guitar leaning off to the side under a gold clock. Illustration.

So many of the things we live with are in fact objects that we love—objects that tell stories about ourselves and our lives. Enter Show & Tell, Curbed’s first-person column dedicated to those things we’re obsessed with in our homes.

Whether it’s the perfect minimalist dinnerware set I snagged on a massive Black Friday discount, or an authentic Provençal tablecloth that Megan Barber found on Amazon, each Show & Tell details the story of a home object adored both for its functionality and, crucially, its personal aesthetic appeal—meaning, it’s something you’d be eager to show off if we were to come photograph your place for, say, our home tour series.

Have an object story you want to share? Good news: Show & Tell is now taking submissions.

The best pitch is a story about a home object that you’re obsessed with—specifically one that is both functional and speaks to your personal aesthetic. This is an ode to a favorite thing, yes, but it’s also a recommendation.

To get you thinking about what to pitch, read our favorite Show & Tells to date: They run the gamut from a design-minded cat tree and a yard sale-sourced vintage candleholders to a good ol’ low-maintenance houseplant.

If your pitch is accepted, we’ll ask for a draft of 500 words maximum, and will pay $250 per essay.

To submit a pitch, click the banner above or email For scouting purposes, please include a photo of the object in your home, as well as a link to where to buy that object (or something similar) online.