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16 shipping containers form this sleek new development


Homes built from white shipping containers surrounded by trees. Timothy Soar

Shipping container homes are nothing new, but this project in Oklahoma City takes it a step further in scope and elegance.

The architects at Allford Hall Monaghan Morris built a series of four shipping container homes on a formerly vacant site. The Squirrel Park development features four two-bedroom houses built from crisp, white shipping containers clad with mirrored strips to reflect sunlight (and add visual drama).

Series of shipping container houses in a small development Timothy Soar

Each house comprises four lightly used containers—two on the ground floor and two on the top floor, which cantilever nearly ten feet to create a shaded front porch. In the back of the house, the overhang has been turned into a terrace on the top floor that’s right off the master bedroom, and covering another outdoor space on the ground floor lookingout onto a shared backyard.

Inside, the homes are compact but airy with modern fixtures, wood floors, and large windows that frame both ends of the containers. And in case you’re wondering about tornados (this being Oklahoma, after all)—the homes are reinforced with steel tubes and are welded to the foundation, but there’s also a shared tornado shelter underground that can fit eight people.

Interior of house with yellow cabinets Timothy Soar
Front of shipping container house with large windows Timothy Soar
Back of shipping container house with terrace Timothy Soar
Covered parking stalls Timothy Soar