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Clever decor ideas to steal from the home of a seasoned dinner host

A few basics will go a long way this holiday season

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This week’s very special holiday hosting edition of House Calls takes us to the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, where we wined and dined with Emily Stephenson, writer of The Friendsgiving Handbook.

After a decade of hosting Friendsgiving in tight spaces—including several in a tiny studio—Stephenson now has a two-bedroom apartment with a proper dining area prime for holiday hosting. The space-saving furniture (this is still New York City, after all), cookware, and dinnerware throughout the home are perfectly functional for everyday use, yet transitional enough to create room for easy mingling and transform a kitchen island into a festive cocktail station when the opportunity arises.

With the holidays upon us, we sourced key products—or in a few cases, similar finds—to get you fully inspired and prepared to host a picture perfect gathering.

Dansk Kobenstyle Casserole, Chili Red (4-Quart) 

  • $80

This highly-rated, easy-to-clean, and oven and stovetop-safe find by Dansk Kobenstyle is available for Amazon Prime’s two day shipping, making it an ideal cookware find for anyone who needs to bake a casserole for their holiday gathering ASAP.