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Pretty luxury townhouses have greenery poking out all over

A little bit of nature here and there and everywhere

Exterior of townhouse buildings with slatted timber facade and trees grown on an interior terrace. Supee Juntranggur

This townhouse block in Bangkok, Thailand, might have two layers of facade, but that doesn’t stop it from channeling a light and airy feel. Studio Nomad designed the luxury building with an outside facade built from thin timber battens and an inner facade built from glass. In between is a terrace where trees grow and poke out of the front openings.

Inside the three-story apartments, living spaces intersect with nature through floor-to-ceiling windows and a central courtyard.

”The courtyard of the building is strategically placed to allow the building to have many ‘fronts’, facing outdoor spaces in a dramatic departure from a regular townhouse building,” the studio told Dezeen.

Living room with a dark sofa, wooden coffee table, and large glass windows showing greenery outside. Supee Juntranggur

The ground floor includes the kitchen and a dining area that opens onto the courtyard. The top floor is where the master bedroom is located. The living room occupies the second floor and opens onto the balcony where each apartment can cultivate its own tree just in case the courtyard didn’t provide enough greenery.

Lush green courtyard outside of building. Supee Juntranggur