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Hay is bringing a cool designer yarn lamp to the masses

The Bonbon lamp by Ana Kraš features colorful yarn wrapped around a steel frame

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A lamp with woven yarn around its frame. Hay/Ana Kraš

Danish design brand Hay has been slowly, but surely, spreading its playful modern wares across the United States. In addition to an ongoing presence at New York’s MoMA Design Store, last year it opened its first U.S. store in Portland, Oregon, followed new locations in Costa Mesa, California, and Chicago soon after.

Throughout the years, Hay has worked with smaller designers (and big brands, too) on developing one-of-a-kind products. And its recent collaboration with Serbian-born, New York-based designer Ana Kraš on the Bonbon lamp is another great example.

Yarn lampshade hanging over wooden table Hay/Ana Kraš

Kraš first designed the Bonbon lamp in 2009 as a student project. Inspired by her line drawings, the lamp is defined by its ingenious color-blocked textile shade, made by hand-wrapping colored yarn around a steel wire frame.

While Kraš has made few new Bonbon pieces in the years since, now, a decade later, Hay is helping her scale up production while retaining the design’s technique and artisanal charm. The designer recently announced that the Bonbon lamps, which can be placed on the ground or hung as a pendant, are now available worldwide through Hay.

They come in a larger, neutral-toned 18.5-inch-tall version priced at $645, and a smaller 15-inch yellow-toned version coming in at $495, with additional sizes and colors on the way.

Yarn-wrapped lamp hanging over bed Hay/Ana Kraš
Yarn-wrapped lamp sitting on floor next to leather chair Hay/Ana Kraš