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Harry Potter’s childhood home is now renting rooms on Airbnb

The wizard’s fictional childhood home has plenty of English charm—and history

Old timber house with three pitched roofs. Airbnb

Are you really a cultural phenomenon if you don’t have a listing on Airbnb? Everyone from purveyors of hotdogs to the owners of the real-life Downton Abbey castle have embraced the sleepover—and now you can add Harry Potter to that list.

For $142 a night, you can rent a room in the de Vere House, the real-life name of the wizard’s fictional childhood home, where he lived with parents until Lord Voldemort came to wreck havoc.

Situated in the idyllic medieval village of Lavenham, England, the storied B&B is a beacon of past eras. Originally built in the 14th-century for the wealthy de Vere family, part of the house was later demolished and rebuilt in the late 1920s.

Sitting room with timber beam ceiling and blue sofa. Airbnb

Today, the home retains plenty of its old English charm, including a stone spiral staircase, a medieval painting, and a giant wooden door emblazoned with hand-carved huntsmen. The two rentable rooms come with stately four-poster beds, while a private sitting room boasts timber ceiling beams and a candelabra chandelier.

The listing doesn’t mention its famous former inhabitant. Then again, it doesn’t mention its other former inhabitants either (spoiler: the place is probably haunted).

.Bedroom with four-poster bed, wooden cabinet and desk, and a cream daybed by the window. Airbnb
Ornate dining room with formal table and curtains. Airbnb