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Cheery midcentury modern on former avocado farm asks $929K

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Located one hour north of San Diego

A white midcentury modern house features a low-slung roof, orange accent wall, and a gravel and concrete path. Photos courtesy of Keith York, Big Block Realty

Love midcentury modern design? Check out this four-bedroom, four-bath home in Fallbrook, California, about one hour north of San Diego. It is thought that the 3,650-square-foot home was designed in 1950 by California architect William Kesling, although there are no building records to confirm this fact.

Called the Yarnell Residence, the home is located at the highest view point of the former D.O. Lamb ranch, a sprawling 880-acre avocado farm that dates back to the 1940s. Made with concrete block, the listing features eight-foot sliding walls of glass, mahogany paneling, and many built-ins.

Original features include a kitchen with stainless steel counters, an indoor barbecue, and a aluminum fireplace that boasts an airplane wing-inspired mantel. Two of the four bathrooms have maintained their original tile, and over the past 16 years the current owners have worked to restore as much of the house as possible.

A cheery bright orange is the accent color of choice, and the main living rooms feature wide open views to the California hillsides. If you’re looking for a midcentury modern with style to spare, 2489 Via Del Aquacate is on the market for $929,000.

An orange Eames-inspired arm chair and stool sit in front of a blue rug and two other chairs. White walls and large windows look out onto the hills.
Large windows show views out to the California hills.
A midcentury modern living room has a white fireplace on an orange accent wall, blue and teal rugs, and a couch and coffee table.
The fireplace features an airplane wing-inspired mantel.
A white and orange kitchen features a midcentury chandelier, stainless steel counters, and kitchen island.
The kitchen features the original stainless steel counters with new orange accents and appliances.
A hooded indoor barbecue sits in brick and concrete inside the house, with wood paneling behind it.
An original indoor barbecue is a unique feature of the home.
An orange bed sits on concrete floors in front of a white fireplace. Exposed white wooden beams are on the ceiling.
A bedroom features exposed beams and a fireplace.
Blue accent walls contrast with white in a bedroom. There is a blue twin bed, blue rug, and white shelves hanging on the wall.
One of four bedrooms in the house.