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A round shaped clear glass teapot with a clear green lid and a thin, geometric dark blue handle.

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The trendiest home gift to give this season? Colored glass

The look is everywhere, and we picked our faves

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You’re not imagining it: Everything is more colorful these days. Vibrant hues help brands stand out, let people express themselves, and let’s be real, color does pop on an Instagram feed.

A specific strand of this trend we’ve been seeing and loving is colored glass. In fact, we featured one such gem, the delicate Bubble Teapot, front and center in our just-dropped holiday gift guide. But, of course, the market is brimming with other sumptuous options, ranging from designs with subtle to bold color schemes and from cups to vases.

Because colored glass objects make gorgeous of-the-moment gifts this season, we’ve culled together our favorites below. Just remember to handle with care!

Rounded glass teapot with a green lid, blue handle, and pink spout.

Bubble Teapot

  • $60

The hand-blown teapot from German designers Gunnar Rönsch and Stephen Molloy features delicate touches of blue, green, and pink, derived from minerals added during the glassmaking process. It’s perfect for your BFF, because the size is just enough to serve two cups of tea for two people.