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Vietnam home blends breeze blocks with brick

Arches bring a softness to the space

A three-story building boasts a white perforated facade and a brick arch for the entrance. QuangDam

The Coi House has a lot going on, and we mean that in the best way possible. Built in a bustling neighborhood of Da Nang City, Vietnam, the three-story structure is hard to miss thanks to its textured facade.

The architects at Coi Design crafted the house as stacked volumes that create a tall, narrow shape. The ground floor is encased in classic brick with an oversized arched doorway that connects a walled courtyard to the living room. Another brick volume cantilevers over the first floor and has an arched balcony that’s attached to the master bedroom.

The entrance to the home features a brick arched doorway with wooden door. A blue bench sits on the left with potted plants on the right. You can see into the home’s living room. QuangDam

Arches are echoed throughout the house—in doors, windows, and entryways—as a way to bring a softness into the space. The architects wanted to create a home that toed the line between rustic and modern, which is achieved through a mix of materials like brick, timber, and concrete.

The most striking part of the house, of course, is not inside, but out. The second and third floors are wrapped in a white curtain wall that’s perforated with breeze block-like circles and shapes, which allow slivers of light into the home.

A close up of the white perforated facade, which features breeze blocks that are circles and flower shapes. A planter has green plants in it. QuangDam
A brick walled kitchen with woman cooking at counter. A rattan rocking chair sits below a skylight next to a potted plant. QuangDam
A wooden arched doorway leading to a bedroom. A floating stairway is on the left and hanging pictures are on the right. QuangDam