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The ultimate A-frame house asks $835K

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A sprawling double A-frame house features two peaked roofs side by side on a green lawn. There are decks off of the home and trees on either side. Michael Bowman Photography

A-frame lovers, get ready to be blown away: A four-bedroom, four-bath home in Litchfield, Connecticut, boasts not one, not two, but six interconnected A-frame structures. First listed last October and still on the market, this makes the house much larger than most A-frames, measuring a respectable 4,234 square feet.

The home was designed by architect Thomas Babbitt as his family residence with half of it constructed in 1947 and the other half added in 1970. Its unique style made an immediate impression on the Litchfield community, serving as a showpiece for an architecture tour and festival and as the photo eye candy for several articles in the local press.

The peaked roofs feature 24-foot glass gables that overlook several large wooden decks. Inside, exposed redwood beams and three stone fireplaces add warmth, and the soaring roofs create a cathedral-like atmosphere with an open floor plan. Many of the home’s original features have been preserved, including the slate floors in the spacious kitchen and a Isamu Noguchi chandelier in an upstairs bedroom.

While most A-frames have just one lofted area, this home has several. Everywhere you look triangles catch the eye, from the bedrooms to what looks to be the original bathrooms. There’s even an A-frame style garage. Interested? 112 Norfolk Road is located on a 15-acre, lightly wooded lot and is on the market for $835,000.

A wooden deck is off of a large A-frame house. There is a wooden dining set on the deck and trees in the yard.
Large wooden decks off of the living areas create a place for entertaining.
An A-frame’s living room with one side of glass, soaring ceilings, and seating.
The inside features soaring ceilings and triangle windows of glass.
A dining room with a six-person wooden dining table set, slate floors, and large windows.
A dining room features original slate floors and views to the 15-acre yard.
A kitchen with white counters, wooden cabinets, slate floors, and a small dining set.
The kitchen features slate floors, wooden cabinets, and a plethora of counter space.
A living room with an arched stone fireplace, white couch, seating, and a brightly colored yellow and red rug.
The home features three stone fireplaces.
A bedroom with a large white light, flower bedspread, and wood furniture.
One of four bedrooms is in the upper section of the A-frame and features a private balcony.
A bathroom has white counters, wooden cabinets, a green floor, wooden closet, and triangle windows.
The bathroom features triangle windows, too.
An aerial view of an A-frame house with trees surrounding it.
An aerial view shows the home’s multiple A-frame rooflines.