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These modern prefab homes were designed for adding housing density

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It’s the work of architecture students at the University of Kansas

Two gabled houses side by side on a plot of land. Corey Gaffer Photography

Over in Lawrence, Kansas, a recent project by Studio 804, the design/build non-profit from the University of Kansas Department of Architecture, imagines what density could look like in a town that loves its yards.

“According to the city, we have seen medium to high population growth rates over the last two decades, and if this trend continues, we will need housing to accommodate a projected 30 to 60 thousand additional residents by the year 2040,” Studio 804 explained.

As an experiment in adding density to an existing neighborhood, the studio divided one lot into two and built a tandem of prefab homes separated by a row of plants. The students spent a year building the modern gabled houses, which are staggered, one slightly in front of the other, to offer residents more privacy. Although the same shape, the two dwellings come in slightly different sizes—the smaller home is a 615 square foot one-bedroom, while the bigger home is 925 square feet with two bedrooms.

Two houses with A-frame windows in front. Corey Gaffer Photography

Like Studio 804’s other projects, the Houses on Oak Hill Avenue were built with sustainability in mind. The airtight walls are topped with an energy-efficient metal roof that reflects light and heat. A span of high-performance windows span the front of the house, letting in enough natural light to reduce energy consumption.

One of the homes sold earlier this year, but the other is still available for $169,000. Here’s a closer look at the airy interior, featuring glass walls, pale wood floors, stainless steel appliances, and a barn door.

Living room with a wall of windows looking out to yard. Corey Gaffer Photography
Kitchen with modern appliances and dining table. Corey Gaffer Photography
Kitchen with modern appliances and small dining table. Corey Gaffer Photography
Desk and chair in living room, with a view of the kitchen. Corey Gaffer Photography