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Moody modern house raises the bar for kit homes

We think we’d want to live in this “experiential showroom”—and that’s the point

Single story prefab home surrounded by trees. Hygge Supply

A kit home can conjure a certain image—white walls, simple layout, vanilla finishes. This home in Lake Leelanau, Michigan, was built to show the opposite—that kit homes can come with crackling fireplaces, moody walls, and design-forward details.

The recently completed Birch Le home is a three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bathroom house that serves as an “experiential showroom” for Hygge Supply. Since 2016, the Michigan-based housing company as been building single-story kit homes that evoke its namesake cozy aesthetic.

Like most kit homes, Hygge Supply’s designs are built from prefabricated modular parts that are shipped to a location and constructed on site. The steel-framed houses have floor-to-ceiling windows and structural insulated panels that give the exterior a bungalow feel.

Living room with floor-to-ceiling windows. Hygge Supply

Hygge Supply homes are customizable and range from 350-square-foot pods that start at $53,000 to three-bedroom houses that start at $275,000. Naturally, the Birch Le house is designed with the highest-end details, including designer furniture and a massive covered deck that effectively extends the house into the surrounding forest.

If you’re inspired by what you see after a trip to Michigan, customization options can be explored here.

Open kitchen and dining area. Hygge Supply
Corridor with a glass shower and view into the bedroom. Hygge Supply
Dining room with edison lights dangling over table and glass walls overlooking the forest. Hygge Supply