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Modern desert home embraces its rugged surroundings

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A contemporary split-level designed for the views

House with flat rooms and a set of stairs leading to the entrance. Chibi Moki Photography

When you’ve got a plot of land with views, there’s only one thing to do: Design your house around them. This home in Paradise Valley, Arizona, takes full advantage of the mountainous desert landscape with a design laid out to maximize sight lines.

Kendle Design Collaborative conceived the Bridge Residence as a contemporary split-level home. The entryway opens onto a foyer with a staircase that goes to an upper level and lower level. Going up leads to the main living spaces including an open-plan kitchen, dining area, and living room, as well as the master bedroom. Windows on the upper level boldly frame the valley and mountain views, almost turning the landscape into a painting.

Downstairs, the children’s rooms and guest suites lead out to a terrace and backyard with an expansive lawn and pool overlooking the desert brush. A clean and minimal aesthetic runs throughout—modern furniture, crisp angles, and dark stone accents contrast against a white stone floor. The overall effect is that of a deeply luxurious desert oasis keen on paying homage to its rocky surroundings.

Expansive living room with dark blue sofa and two coffee tables. A wide opening has views of the desert. Kevin Broast
A corner of the kitchen with built-in white counters and a view of the desert landscape. Kevin Broast
An open kitchen with a white island and wooden cabinets. Kevin Broast
An office with glass walls. Kevin Broast
A bedroom with a wood platform bed. Kevin Broast
A bathroom with a shower and rectangular window with desert landscape views. Kevin Broast
A backyard with cactus and a pool. Kevin Broast