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Minimalist cabin makes living in a box look good

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Charred wood on the outside, white pine on the inside

Boxy tiny home sitting in field at dusk. Bart Gosselin

At just 129 square feet, Cabin Y is an exercise in extreme tiny living. Dutch studio dmvA designed the box of a home as a mobile living unit that could be placed in clusters on the outskirts of cities.

The cabin is built from wooden panels that are connected and compressed by stainless steel tension cables. The outside is clad in charred larch wood, giving the cabin a trendy all-black look.

Interior of home clad in white oiled pined. Bart Gosselin
Pivoting door opening to field. Bart Gosselin

Inside, the monochromatic room is clad in white oiled pine and has a ladder that leads to a small loft space. There’s also a toilet and shower, but don’t expect to cook elaborate meals here—a kitchen is not included.

The front of the cabin has a big, steel framed window that’s actually a front door. It pivots to open, expanding the interior space with an indoor-outdoor feel. It’s a neat touch for a box of a home, albeit a very well-designed box.

Man next to charred timber tiny home. Bart Gosselin