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Renovated farmhouse keeps its Cape Dutch style

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Modern yet full of character

White house with large terrace at dusk W Design Architecture Studio

This house outside Pretoria, South Africa, is an homage to the past and present. W Design Architecture Studio transformed the early-20th century farmhouse into a modern home with traces of its Cape Dutch architectural DNA.

From the outside, the residence rises into two rounded gables with a white-washed facade, two prominent features of the Cape Dutch style. Two new additions—a glass-walled study and an expansive bathroom that looks out onto a private, walled garden—bookend the home.

Inside, the architects opened up the space and centered the house around a living room that opens onto an expansive covered terrace. The house is filled with clean, modern details—white walls, recessed lighting, stone and timber flooring, and minimalist furniture— which build on the home’s pared-back exterior.

Book-lined office with large windows W Design Architecture Studio
Bedroom with door that opens onto terrace W Design Architecture Studio