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Chef builds a glorious midcentury modern gingerbread house

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Can we live here?

Midcentury modern gingerbread house with slanted roof. Edna Zhou

This gingerbread house from Anthony Strong is a stunning take on a midcentury modern cabin. Strong, a chef at San Francisco restaurant Prairie with a background in home building, completed the gingerbread house with all the requisite details: low-slung profile, butterfly roof, and a breeze block carport—all made from sweets.

It turns out that the architectural style lends itself to the medium quite nicely. Strong’s design is all straight lines and angles, which we can imagine makes adhering slabs of gingerbread together slightly less precarious. All of the home’s detailing is built from candy, from the peppermint Lifesaver carport wall to a chimney built from chocolate rocks to panes of glowing yellow glass made from the sugar substitute caramelized Isomalt.

A gingerbread house on a table. Edna Zhou

Strong finished off the design with a dusting of frosting, sugar, and coconut to really nail the white Christmas atmosphere. According to Dwell, the project took three hours of drawing, two hours of pastry production, another couple of hours to assemble, and then three hours to decorate. Pretty painstaking stuff, but we’d say the result is worth it.

Detail shot of midcentury modern gingerbread house with candy rocks for chimney. Edna Zhou
Window made from caramelized sugar. Edna Zhou
Carport wall made from lifesavers. Edna Zhou