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Glamp under the stars in this transparent prefab cabin

Designed to pop up anywhere

Transparent gabled cabin in field at night with a mountain in the back. Airbnb

Sleeping under the stars has undergone some vast improvements in recent years. No longer does the phrase connote holing up in a tent or shivering in a sleeping bag next to a camp fire. No, today sleeping under the stars can be a full-on luxury experience.

This tiny cabin from Italian architects Fabio Vignolo and Francesca Turnaturi is a perfect middle ground—a little bit chic, a little bit rustic, thanks to its simple yet clever design. The architects constructed the cabin called Immerso from CNC-milled birch plywood parts that slot together like a piece of Ikea furniture.

Cabin with doors opened wide. Airbnb

The sparsely designed 65-square-foot cabin has room for a double bed and a coffee table, which is perfectly adequate for the cabin’s intended purpose. Because really, the space is meant for nighttime. A transparent plexiglass roof and walls clad the cabin, providing unobstructed views of the stars.

Immerso is designed for traveling from location to location depending on the weather. Right now, it’s stationed in the alpine town of La Morra, Italy, where you can rent it starting at $129 a night.

Pale timber cabin with glass roof sits next to old stone house. Airbnb
Cabin with doors flung open. Grassy field and trees can be seen in the distance. Airbnb