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Lively decor ideas to steal from three plant-filled homes

A little greenery will go a long way this winter

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A bright bathroom with a round mirror. A large plant stands next to the sink. Three smaller plants sit on the sink. One more plant hangs on the wall. Heidi’s Bridge

This week we revisited seven plant-filled oases from our weekly home tour series, House Calls.

It’s no secret that houseplants, no matter the size or style, have thrived as one of the biggest home decor trends of the decade. Whether a classic trailing ivy, a simple succulent garden, or a soaring fiddle-leaf fig, greenery can instantly liven up an interior or, with a pleasing pot, act as an eye-catching statement piece.

Start a plantscape of your own in the new year, or take your green thumb to the next level: We’ve pulled out a few key pieces from three homes that you can purchase (note: in some cases, they’re similarly styled items).

A living room with a long dining table and gray sofa. Plants stack up near the windows overlooking trees. Robert Rieger

Berlin couple centers their home on plant life—indoors and out

The Berlin apartment of tech entrepreneur Yiliu Shen-Burke and artist Taylor Dover houses 30 to 40 plants, a group of which can be found near the windows of their living room. Like the canopy of trees outside—a dreamy view afforded by a fifth floor flat in a building next to a public park—these living room plants take on a vertical orientation, bringing home that “living in a forest” feel.

A bedroom. There is a bed with pillows and throw blankets. There are multiple houseplants on a desk by a window. There are multiple framed works of art hanging in the room. There is a pair of slippers next to the bed on the floor. Gabriela Herman

A creative director embraces color, houseplants, and space to entertain

If you love plants—and don’t mind a comprehensive watering routine—sometimes the way to go is to just put them wherever you want, wherever they fit. Case in point: the Brooklyn apartment of creative director Dan Pelosi, where an abundance of greenery can be found all over the living room (pictured in the lead image of this story), bathroom, and bedrooms. In the master bedroom, plants line up on a wooden bench (which also serves as a nightstand), perch from a radiator, rest on the ground, and hang from the ceiling.

A black, metal fireplace is directly in front of huge windows that look out on a small forest. Heidi’s Bridge

Midcentury modern gem offers two city dwellers a dream home in the suburbs

In Robert and Tami Jamieson’s breezy midcentury home near Philadelphia, a striking fireplace surrounded by fleshy plants and a leafy backdrop together create a campfire-like experience in the living room. But it’s also worth zooming into each plant to appreciate the unique vessel it nests in, proving that picking the perfect home for a plant is a whole other source of fun and personal expression.