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The Icehotel is back with rooms full of gorgeous, weird ice sculptures

Peek once again into the world’s coldest hotel

Large blocks of curving ice surround a bed.
“Crescents” by Elin Julin and Ida Mangsbo.
Asaf Kliger courtesy Icehotel

Another winter, another chance to stay at the Icehotel, the deliberately chilly hotel-meets-art installation in the Swedish village of Jukkasjärvi. Now in its 30th year, the hotel has mastered the art of building with ice. This year’s temporary hotel features an array of intricately crafted sculptures from more than 33 artists.

Elaborate ice sculptures ranging from the steps of Santorini to giant bones and cats are carved across 15 art suites, where guests will sleep atop a thick mattress with reindeer hides and thermal sleeping bags to keep them nice and toasty in temperatures around 17 to 23 degrees Fahrenheit.

The hotel also has a ceremony hall for weddings and events, as well as 20 other less decorative “ice rooms,” where guests can sleep atop a bed of ice (on a mattress, of course). The hotel is open until April, when the hotel will melt down and return to the local Torne River where the ice was sourced to begin with. You can check out some of the ice art below.

A series of steps are carved out of ice. A bed on top of ice sits at the base.
“White Santorini “ by Haemee Han Jae and Yual Lee.
Asaf Kliger courtesy Icehotel
All-white ice room with a bed and giant carved bone sculpture.
“Bone Room” by Rob Harding.
Asaf Kliger courtesy Icehotel
An ice cave with a giant cat sculpture.
“Feline Lair” by Brian Alvin McArthur and Dawn Marie Detarando.
Asaf Kliger courtesy Icehotel
Arched doorway leads to reindeer sculptures.
“A Night at the Theatre” by Jonathan Paul Green & Marnie Green.
Asaf Kliger courtesy Icehotel
Blocks of ice provide seating in an ice cave, facing a wall depicting enlarged gingko leaves.
Ceremony Hall featuring gingko backdrop by Kauppi & Kauppi.
Asaf Kliger courtesy Icehotel