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Tropical modern home comes wrapped in bamboo screens

Designed for socializing and privacy

Two-level modern home wrapped in bamboo screen. Marc Tey Photography

The Bamboo Veil House from Wallflower Architecture + Design makes the most of an unusual plot of land. Sitting on a triangular stretch in Singapore, the narrow house takes on a funnel shape with rounded corners that are sheathed in a chic bamboo curtain.

Built for a small family, the home is designed to blend the client’s two main priorities: socializing and privacy. The main floor is reserved for shared quarters like the living room, kitchenm and dining room, which opens to a back terrace. Upstairs, the smaller footprint is given to the bedrooms and en suite bathrooms.

But back to that bamboo. During a family trip to Japan, the homeowners fell in love with Kengo Kuma’s Nezu Museum, which is surrounded by bamboo trees. The architects designed the curtain as a lightweight second skin to cover the windows that wrap around the second floor of the house. The panels are operable and can be opened or closed to let in light and air. The end result is a home that balances modernity and classic tropical style—with just the right amount of privacy built in too.

Half open bamboo screen. Marc Tey Photography
Kitchen opening onto concrete terrace. Marc Tey Photography
Bedroom with bamboo screens on windows. Marc Tey Photography
Bathroom with windows clad in bamboo screens. Marc Tey Photography