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Angular tiny house is inspired by a folded leaf

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The 182-square-foot house is an homage to nature

Angular tiny house sitting in field at dusk. Liberte Tiny Houses

Nature is often the best teacher, and this tiny home in the Netherlands is proof. Designed by Gijsbert Schutten and Gijs Coumou of Liberte Tiny Houses, the compact home’s unusual form is inspired by the shape of a folded leaf.

Their client wanted a home that was simple and connected to nature. The architects took the idea a step further and mimicked nature itself.

“When she first came to me, she had the idea of a hobbit house in mind, something with rounded lines,” Schutten told Dwell. “But as we talked, I learned that her main wish was a house with an organic shape, large windows, and lots of sunlight.”

Hallway of tiny home leading to front door. Liberte Tiny Houses

The house unfolds into an array of angles that slant and peak into a truly hard to describe shape. Though it’s just 182 square feet, the dwelling feels expansive thanks to a large stretch of windows that connect the inside to the surrounding landscape.

All of the pine wood furniture is built in, including benches, a fold-out table, and storage for fire wood. There’s a small kitchen, bathroom, and a loft space for sleeping, where an angular bookshelf precariously, but stylishly, can hold a stack of books.

Geometric built-in bookshelf near a lofted area. Liberte Tiny Houses
Living room with built-in bookshelves. Liberte Tiny Houses