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Former garage transformed into colorful apartment

Complete with a wall of circular nooks

Living room with circular nooks for seating and computer station. Atelier Pierre Louis Gerlier

Once a garage, this striking two-bedroom apartment in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, now shows off bright colors and creative built-ins. Atelier Pierre Louis Gerlier completely transformed the space, leaving no trace of its former life behind.

The apartment is anchored by the living room, whose centerpiece is a wall of cabinets with circular recessed nooks for a computer desk, speakers, and a curved sofa that you’ll literally curl into.

Living room with door leading to back patio. Atelier Pierre Louis Gerlier

The architects deployed some subtle visual tricks to make the space feel bigger and brighter. Mirrors on the walls enlarge the room, while each space plays with color in its own way to “compensate for the lack of light in the apartment,” the architects explain.

A green floor leads to a set of bright yellow stairs; the same yellow is found on the kitchen cabinets and on one of the bathroom floors. Pink tile, as well as red floors and cabinets fill the second bathroom. The living room is a little bit of a chromatic respite, where a mint green floor and crisp white walls create a pleasingly antiseptic atmosphere.

Kitchen with bright yellow cabinets. Atelier Pierre Louis Gerlier
Bedroom with green floors leading to yellow staircase. Atelier Pierre Louis Gerlier
Hallway leading to bathroom with red floor. Atelier Pierre Louis Gerlier