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Minimalist pastry shop lures you in with curved tile facade

The striking storefront belies a softer dining space tucked inside

Exterior of cafe clad in curved, white tile. Hao Zhang

Faced with designing a storefront into an awkward, recessed space, SAY Architects constructed a minimal yet intricate “entry route” that connects the street to the Angelot Patisserie.

The architects fashioned the striking storefront in Hangzhou, China, from customized white tile that creates a smooth, curved pattern. The design slots into the matching facade like a glowing block, beckoning visitors to explore what’s inside.

Glowing facade slotted into concrete facade. Hao Zhang

Guests walk through the entryway and are guided through a display area on their way to the dining area, a hidden gem swathed in palette of creamy off-white and pale wood. Seating areas with clean-lined tables, chairs, and sofas are broken up by small lemon trees, which serve as a few natural space dividers.

The architects say they wanted to create a “peaceful and gentle space,” and we think the result is just that.

Minimalist tables in chairs in all-white space with a few trees as decor. Hao Zhang
Lemon tree sitting between table and chairs. Hao Zhang