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World’s largest 3D-printed building completed in Dubai

The 6,900-square-foot administrative building was the product of human-machine teamwork

Building with two rounded sections under construction via machine extruding concrete mixture. Apis Cor

The world of architectural 3D printing is in its superlative phase. Companies are competing to build the biggest, best, and most impactful 3D-printed structures with constantly advancing technology.

Dubai, home to the world’s tallest building, is unsurprisingly laying claim to the world’s largest 3D-printed building. At least for now. The city tapped Nasa-award-winning 3D-printing company Apis Cor to build a two-story municipal administrative building that stretches 31 feet high and across 6,900 square feet.

Rounded building with white walls and tall windows. Apis Cor

A single machine extruded a concrete mixture into layers that serve as the building’s walls. Given the size of the project, a crane repositioned the multi-axis machine throughout the process to finish different areas of the building.

Though there’s no doubt the building is a technological feat, it also required a bit of teamwork from humans. The 3D-printed walls sit atop pre-cast slabs of concrete foundation and are reinforced with concrete and rebar. Contractors installed window and roofs after the 3D-printed form work was finished. It’s a good reminder that no one—machine or human—can do the work alone.

Aerial shot of a 3D-printed building taking shape. Apis Cor