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Futuristic modern home goes all in on curves

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Complete with a round conversation pit

Organically shaped house next to pool. Vasiliy Khurtin

You don’t so much live in a house like this, as you do ogle and explore it. Dubbed “The House in the Landscape,” the curvy residence from Russian studio Niko Architect is an experience more than anything—it winds and bends and opens up, looking both organic and otherworldly. According to the designers, “it’s a union of biological images, engineering, and architecture.”

Dramatic description, right? And it’s hardly overblown. Located outside Moscow, the house features a striking, sinuous exterior was designed as an extension of the artificial landscape, with big glass walls and rounded shapes that appear to fuse with the terrain. A green roof adds to the effect, while skylights funnel natural light inside.

Inside, the same visual language is echoed with details like a dramatic curved staircase and a circular conversation pit. In the end, the house reads like a paradox: a little bit natural, a little bit unnatural, all at once.

Living room with round skylights and round conversation pit. Sergey Ananiev
Curving white staircase and brown floors. Sergey Ananiev
Bedroom with wood floors and modern furniture. Vasiliy Khurtin
Aerial shot of green roof on house. Vasiliy Khurtin