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Chic decor ideas to steal from a striking home in Chicago

It’s never too late to find your perfect statement piece

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This week’s edition of House Calls takes us to the Old Town neighborhood of Chicago, where Will Forrest and Mark Smithe live in the former home of design pioneer Walter Netsch.

The quirky two-story concrete structure built in the ‘70s, where Netsch lived with his wife Dawn, a professor and politician, until their respective deaths, prioritizes privacy while still ensuring that natural light pours in through large skylights throughout the home. After moving into the home a few years ago, the new owners kept the beautiful bones of the home intact as they upgraded the interior—enlarging rooms, replacing kitchen appliances, and making room for more wall space throughout the house.

Taking inspiration from the sharp home, we sourced key products—or in a few cases, similar finds—from each room so you can bring the look to your own space.

Living room

Reading nook