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Bauhaus takes center stage in Google’s vast new online exhibition

As the school’s centennial draws to a close

Gray and white building with the word “Bauhaus” on its facade. Photo: Tadashi Okochi © Pen Magazine, 2010 courtesy Bauhaus Dessau Foundation

The Bauhaus centennial might nearly be over, but it’s never too late for one more dose of the iconic art and design school. This time it’s coming from Google Arts and Culture, who’ve partnered with a handful of partners including Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, IIT Institute of Design, and the Guggenheim Museum to create the online exhibition Bauhaus Everywhere.

Indeed, the Bauhaus has been everywhere this year, but this exhibition justifies itself with its pure breadth of content. The page opens onto a series of charming CliffsNotes videos that give an overview of the school’s reach. There’s also an essay on the Bauhaus’s origins and influence, a photographic deep dive into the life of a Bauhaus student, a rundown of unfinished Bauhaus architectural projects, and virtual tours of the new Bauhaus Museum.

All told, it’s an extremely thorough exploration of a topic that’s been thoroughly explored. If you’re not Bauhaus’d out, the site is well worth clicking around.