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Get ready for more Airstream hotels as Autocamp plans expansion

A new Cape Cod glamping resort will feature the iconic silver bullet travel trailers

A silver bullet travel trailer by Airstream sits on a raised platform with a deck and landscaping. A woman stands in the trailer’s doorway. Courtesy of AutoCamp

Glamping—camping in cabins, yurts, or luxury tents—is gaining in popularity in North America, and the iconic RV brand Airstream wants to bring more hotel-style trailers to a destination near you. Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

Building on the success of glamping hotels in Santa Barbara, the Russian River Valley, and Yosemite National Park, the California-based startup AutoCamp has partnered with Airstream to open a new glamping resort in Cape Cod. As their first East Coast location, the Cape Cod resort will allow guests to stay in a fleet of 108 accommodations, some of which will be custom, 31-foot travel trailers made by Airstream exclusively for AutoCamp.

Inside, the trailers will be midcentury inspired, with walnut plank flooring, skylights, spa bathrooms, private bedrooms, and airy living and kitchen areas. Each trailer features an outdoor living space with fire pit and lounge furniture, and the resort will also boast a two-story clubhouse and event space.

The opening of the newest AutoCamp property comes in tangent with the announcement that Airstream has invested in AutoCamp as their exclusive lodging partner, which is big news for one of America’s most important—and well-liked—RV brands.

“Building on our successful partnership with AutoCamp allows Airstream to get a foothold in the $218 billion hospitality industry, where we can directly compete with the likes of hotels, Airbnbs, and VRBOs,” said Bob Wheeler, Airstream President & CEO.

In addition to trying to earn a piece of the (lucrative) hospitality industry, Airstream has recently launched an array of initiatives meant to position the longest-tenured RV manufacturer in the world as a 21st-century leader. For example, their new trailers feature smart home technology that lets you control amenities from a smart phone, and a millennial-friendly e-commerce shop combines sleek branding, product recommendations, and travel advice into one streamlined website.

Looking to experience your own Airstream vacation? The new Cape Cod AutoCamp will open in mid-2020, and several additional AutoCamp properties will be announced within the next year.