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Minivan transforms into two-person camper for $8.5K

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The coolest minivan on the block

A grey camper van. The side door is open revealing storage. In the background is a red rock face near the side of the road. Photos by RamenViews, courtesy of Oasis Campervans

Class B camper vans are a popular sector of the RV market, with new conversions and options popping up each week. But one of the most interesting developments in the past two years has been the proliferation of the small camper van. Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

Agile, affordable, and able to camp under the radar, small camper vans offer a lot for one or two people on a budget. The latest version to cross our desk is Colorado-based Oasis Campervans.

Unlike other small camper van companies that use Nissan or Mercedes vans, Oasis Campervans converts Toyota Sienna minivans into mobile homes-on-the-go. This is especially notable because although there are rumors that Mercedes is planning on coming out with an AWD Metris in the future, the Toyota Sienna is currently one of the few minivans offered in AWD.

Although each van will vary according to customer needs, Oasis Campervan conversions include a main living room with pull-out drawers, a finished floor, and a moveable table for working. One of the most innovative parts of the design is a foldable chair that transforms into part of the bed with a helpful back rest, and when in the sleeping position the full-size mattress can hold one or two people comfortably.

The interior of a camper van. There are seats, a sink, and shelving.
One of our favorite features of the van is the chair and table workspace.

Cabinets are finished with a hardwood face-frame and can be made out of a variety of materials, including marine plywood. Under-the-bed storage offers a space for clothes and supplies, and black-out curtains provide privacy at night.

Similar to a teardrop trailer, the van’s rear area accesses a small kitchen with a sink, running water, drawers and shelves, and a large countertop. Dinner prep is made easy thanks to a fold-up kitchen table, and in certain van layouts, the kitchen can also fit a slide-out drawer that fits a cooler or refrigerator. Another perk of Oasis Campervans is that all of the build-outs are meant to be fully removable, so if you want to take out your camper components and add the seats back in, you can.

Compared to top-dollar conversions—albeit for larger vans—that can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, Oasis Campervans are quite affordable. Each van conversion costs $8,500 (excluding the cost of the van), with customizations or alterations varying by price. Even better, a build in Oasis Campervan’s Colorado location only takes between two to four weeks, with overall delivery times less than six weeks.

While an Oasis Campervan won’t fit a large family and might be tight to live in full time, it does offer an affordable option for anyone looking for a converted small minivan. With smart design features, an under-the-radar profile, and clean finishes, this could be a top-notch weekender.

The interior of an Oasis Campervan. The seats are expanded into a bed.
The sleeping space transforms into a full bed, with a handy back rest for support.
Photos by RamenViews, courtesy of Oasis Campervans
Storage spaces keep things clean and organized.
The back of a camper van. The door is open revealing a shelf with a sink. Under the shelf are storage drawers.
The rear area offers a sink, cooking storage, and a pull-out table.
Side access to more storage.