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World’s first ‘biophilic design store’ is a plant paradise

A plant mecca for all your botanical needs

Room with plants and peach wall Photo: Greenery NYC

Plant stores, bolstered by Instagram and a cultural shift toward mass consumer self-care, are having a big moment. And indeed, there are no shortage of spots for plant lovers to get their succulent fix, and probably grab a stylish vase to go with it, too.

But what comes next after stylish lifestyle boutiques and a wealth of direct-to-consumer online plant shops? Probably something like the new store from botanic design company Greenery NYC.

Store with lots of plants Photo: Greenery NYC

Located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Greenery Unlimited bills itself as “the world’s first biophilic design store,” which is a fancy way to say it’s a high-design plant shop that encourages visitors to hang around. Opened by plant aficionados Rebecca Bullene and Adam Besheer, the space is modeled after biologist Edward O. Wilson’s theory of biophilia, which suggests that humans feel better and are healthier when surrounded by natural life, like, for example, your pothos or cactus.

Photo: Greenery NYC

Greenery has been around for a while, but until now it’s mostly functioned as a studio where its owners would create custom plant installations for companies like Etsy and Google. The new set-up will be more of a botanical showroom where customers can snatch up accessories like grow lights, irrigation systems, plant vessels, and other tools.

And for those just in need of a little green space, the store itself is designed as a biophilic experience, complete with a 120-square-foot green wall, circadian light, and plenty of places to sit back and soak in a little nature.

Greenery Unlimited opens to the public on February 13.