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Angular wooden cabin was designed to withstand harsh weather

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A very stylish way to battle the elements

Wood cabin with angled roof Photo: Marte Garmann/Arkitektvaerelset

Of all the interpretations of country cottages we’ve seen, this cozy, angular cabin is up there with the best. Designed by Oslo architecture firm Arkitektvaerelset, the wooden vacation home sits nearly 3,700 feet above sea level on a scenic mountain overlook near Imingfjell, Norway. The area is known for its harsh wind and snowy weather, which means all homes must abide by strict building regulations designed to increase safety and warmth.

The sturdy home is built from pine planks that are layered in contrasting angles to create a sharp, geometric facade. The roof slants downwards at 22 and 27 degree angles to ensure rain and snow won’t fall on people walking into the house; an overhang slanted upward reduces the chance that icicles will form.

Living room with wood floors and ceiling Photo: Marte Garmann/Arkitektvaerelset

Once inside, the home is stark but cozy. Pine floors and walls are accented by black and neutral hues. A plush leather couch faces windows that look out onto the mountains and water. The house can sleep up to 18, when including the attic and a spare bedroom that doubles as a sauna. Now that’s just about as hygge as you can get.

Kitchen with black table Photo: Marte Garmann/Arkitektvaerelset
Wooden cabin by sea Photo: Marte Garmann/Arkitektvaerelset

Via: Designboom