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Try van life in this retro VW camper

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Rent a vintage Westfalia and seriously upgrade your Instagram feed

Vancouver-based Honest Campers offers both modern and vintage van rentals.
All photos courtesy of Honest Campers

If the popularity of Curbed camper stories is any indication, a growing number of adventurers are looking to buy teardrop trailers, camper vans, and lightweight trailers. But what if you can’t afford to purchase a camper, or maybe you want to try a few types before you buy? Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

Luckily, new companies across the country are offering camper rentals to in-the-know adventurers. The latest to catch our eye is Honest Campers in British Columbia, Canada. Honest Campers offers modern Mercedes-Benz Sprinter rentals for $200 CDN (which are definitely cool), but for our money we’re enamored with the retro Volkswagen Westfalia rentals.

Every van lover I know—no matter if they own a Volkswagen—has a soft spot for a Westy. And Honest Campers has gone all out restoring its vintage lineup, keeping the classic style while adding modern upgrades. Each Volkswagen camper comes with an upgraded engine and stereo, all-terrain tires, and lots of storage.

One side of the van features birch and white-colored cabinets and the kitchen area includes a 50-liter fridge, two-burner propane cooktop, and sink. At night, the van can sleep four, two in the pop-top sleeping area and two down below. Even better, the retro campers can also drive four people in four seatbelts.

Each rental starts at $200 CDN with a minimum three-night booking, and Honest Camper also provides essentials like linens, cookware, soaps, towels, cutlery, camp chairs, candles, and even board games. You get about 90 miles per day included in the rental price, with the option to purchase more miles. Pickups and drop offs are from Vancouver, Canada, but it’s also possible to start and end in different places (like start in Vancouver and finish in Calgary). Check out some possible routes here.

Maybe you want to sample van life before you commit, or maybe you just want a cool vacation. In either case, we can’t think of a better vehicle to explore the picturesque surroundings of British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest.