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Brick vacation home was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian style

Beauty in simplicity

Red brick building with concrete stairs Photo: BoutiqueHomes via The Spaces

In the early 1930s, Frank Lloyd Wright began designing houses around a specific set of ideals. Wright’s Usonian homes were spread across the country and tailored to the needs of specific homeowners, yet they all had something in common: natural materials, simple layouts, minimal ornamentation, efficient construction, and (relative) affordability.

Kitchen with wood dining table Photo: BoutiqueHomes via The Spaces

Though Wright is the mastermind of the Usonian concept, plenty of other architects have taken inspiration from those principles, including Mexican architect Alberto Kalach, whose design for a Mexican holiday home is a beautiful homage to Usonia.

Front door opening to brick home Photo: BoutiqueHomes via The Spaces

The Casa Los Ailes in Mexico’s Valle de Bravo is a complex of six villas built from brick, wood, stone, and glass. The homes, like this three-story villa, capture the warmth of the Mexican landscape with neutral tones and raw materials that give the house an earthy glow.

Bed across from fireplace Photo: BoutiqueHomes via The Spaces

Brick walls sit flush against dark marble floors. Wood beams cut across the ceiling and contrast with concrete. Though these materials are tried and tested for many different styles, Kalach’s perfectly simple design makes the space feel more luxurious earth lodge than modern loft.

Deck next to wall of glass Photo: BoutiqueHomes via The Spaces

In love? You can rent the villa here.

Via: The Spaces